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Cello Rental

Cello Rental

Full Size Cellos

Our cello rental scheme allows you to try out the instrument for a minimum of 3 months. Within that time if you decide to purchase a cello you receive your rental payments back off the price to purcahse (£75 off.) We keep a range of full-size cellos in stock and you can purchase your rental instrument or upgrade. Adults can rent full size cellos for £25 per month.

Student Cello Rental

Our student cello rental scheme enables your child to play on a well set-up cello, at a very moderate monthly cost. As your child grows, the cello can easily be exchanged for a larger size at any time.

We are specialists in this field, and currently have over 300 cellos out on rental.

The outfit is properly set-up in our workshop, with a fitted bridge, 4 string adjusters, a set of Dogal strings (or similar), together with a padded cover and bow.

The rental fee is only £12 per calendar month. The price includes our "peace of mind" cover, which covers you for loss or damage. Cellos from 1/10th size up to full-size can be rented.

The Cello

A Stentor Student II Cello outfit, expertly set-up by our specialist string repairer and includes:

  • Cello - fully set-up with string adjusters
  • Available in sizes: 1/10, 1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4 (please call to check availability)
  • Bow
  • Padded Cover

We also have an excellent selection of sheet music available online and in store, from beginner to advanced.

The Scheme

  • Flexible rental scheme - change size at any time as your child grows
  • Only £12 per month
  • First 3 months paid by credit or debit card. Afterwards payments are taken monthly by Direct Debit
  • Move up through the sizes without having to buy each cello
  • No long-term commitment - minimum rental period is 3 months
  • Instruments can be returned at any time (minimum 3 months rental)
  • 50% of total payments is deducted when you purchase a new cello from us
  • “Peace of Mind” insurance cover against loss, theft or damage is included in the rental price. The hirer is responsible for 25% of the value of the instrument as excess.

Please note cello rentals cannot be done by mail order.

Please contact one of our shops to take advantage of this scheme.