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What is the scheme?

The scheme is commonly known as the "assisted instrument purchase scheme" (AIPS). It enables students in schools who qualify, to purchase instruments at very good prices and not pay the vat. The savings are therefore at least 20%, which is the vat element. Because we sell a lot of instruments on this scheme, the savings are often even greater.

Who can use the scheme?

You can only use the scheme if the student attends a non fee paying state school and receives instrumental lessons at school, as part of the curriculum. You need the cooperation of your school and will need to check with your school bursar whether you can use the scheme. Some local authorities administer the scheme centrally.

How does it work?

We invoice the school or local authority in the normal way. They are able to claim back the vat, and pass the instrument on to you exempt from vat. You pay the school or local authority. Although you actually buy the instrument from the school, all the normal guarantees apply as if you had bought directly from us.

What do I do now?

Check with your school bursar that they can operate the scheme. You may have to fill in forms, especially if it is administered centrally by the music service. They may make a small administration charge. Phone us and ask for our price on the scheme for your selected instrument. The school or music service will need to place the order and you will need to pay them. All we need from the school is an official order, which can be emailed to us or faxed to us on 01273 702222. We will send the instrument to the student via the school, dispatched by next-day courier free of charge.