New Yamaha 450M clarinet

July 20th, 2013 | Posted by Brian Ackerman in Woodwind - (0 Comments)

YCL450MThe new Yamaha YCL450M is now in stock. It features the unique Duet+ technology, having a thermoplastic ABS lining very cleverly put into the upper joint bore.

Read more about this new model by clicking on the picture.

Icon Barrels

July 18th, 2013 | Posted by Brian Ackerman in Woodwind - (0 Comments)

Icon-barrelsWe have a new selection of barrels on our website, including the new “Icon” barrels from Buffet.

The ICON barrel has been designed to fit all Bb or A clarinet models, whichever their bore or origin. The elegance of the body and the finely-worked rings give this new barrel a unique style. There are 6 different barrels to choose from.

The bore and design are the result of months of modern acoustic research carried out by Buffet Crampon for its family of clarinets. We also have a special offer on the complete set of Icon barrels, in a presentation case.

On our website there are also other barrels by Buffet and Yamaha.

New David Liebman Soprano

July 9th, 2013 | Posted by Brian Ackerman in Woodwind - (0 Comments)

Liebman sopranoWe now have the new David Liebman soprano saxophone in stock. This model comes from Keilwerth as part of the SX90 range. The model number is SX90DL.

As you can see from the picture, it looks quite stunning. The vintage brass is quite dark and has a grain effect (similar to tortoise-shell). I don’t know how they produce this colour and effect, but it is quite unusual. It is then finished off with a clear lacquer.

The keywork on the SX90DL is set against the body in another unusual finish of matt nickel-silver.

Click on the photo to go to the product and see more photos of this saxophone.

Buffet Divine A Clarinet

April 5th, 2013 | Posted by Brian Ackerman in Woodwind - (0 Comments)

At last the Buffet Divine A Clarinet has come into stock. When we enquired where ours was last year, we were told that they had only made 2 so far!

Our one is “Artist Selected” at the Buffet factory. This is something that we request on some of our top of the range clarinets.

Here is a link to the Divine A Clarinet

E13 clarinet Video

November 14th, 2012 | Posted by Brian Ackerman in Woodwind - (0 Comments)

We have just added a video on the Buffet E13 Clarinet to our website.

This is a link to the product page.

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Yamaha Plutus Series Now in Stock

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Yamaha Plutus instruments are now in stock at Ackerman Music.

As a high-end student instrument and a limited line, you’ll be getting something a little unique at a fantastic price! Visit your nearest store to test play the new Yamaha Plutus flute, clarinet or saxophone.

These instruments are not available online, please contact us for prices. We’ve got stores in Brighton, Hove, Crawley and Chichester or call us for details on 0333 344 0070.

Why Buy Plutus From Us?

  • FREE yearly checkup over the 5 year warranty
  • Very special prices!

Buffet B12 Clarinet

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We have added a video showing the Buffet B12 Clarinet. This is a link to our website page

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Special Series Plutus

On 1st November 2012, Yamaha will be launching their exciting new range of high-end student instruments, the “Plutus” series. The Yamaha Plutus series will include a new clarinet, flute, alto saxophone and a tenor saxophone, all aimed at the progressing student. These instruments offer some excellent features that will take students to the next level in their performance, a step up from student instruments such as the YCL-255 clarinet, YFL-211 flute and YAS-280 alto sax.

What does “Plutus” mean?

Plutus is the Greek god who brought favours to good and noble people without discrimination of merit. Often pictured with the horn of plenty, it is this richly filled horn that inspired Yamaha to create the Plutus instrument series, not only providing an outstanding instrument but also some unique additional benefits! Continue reading “New Yamaha Plutus Clarinet, Flute & Saxophones” »

New Buffet B12 Clarinet Case

Old Style Case

The Buffet B12 has been an extremely popular clarinet with students and teachers for a long time now. Lightweight, strong, easy to play and keep clean, it makes an excellent choice for the beginner clarinettist. However, in my opinion, despite the high quality of the instrument, the outfit was always let down a little by the case.

Previously, the B12 came in a rather old fashioned, black plastic case that was, quite frankly, rather ugly! Given the choice between the B12 and the Yamaha YCL250 (now replaced by the YCL255), many young players would choose the 250 as it looked so much nicer… they were the ones who had to carry it to school after all!

However, Buffet have now fought back to win the style conscious beginner clarinettist by designing a superb new case for the Buffet B12 clarinet. This case was made available with instruments from around September 2012 and couldn’t be more different from the previous version. The new case for the B12 is still strong and durable but is now practical and looks great!

New Buffet B12 Clarinet CaseBuffet B12 Clarinet Case RearBuffet B12 Clarinet Case Rear With StrapsBuffet B12 Clarinet Case Accessory PocketInside the Buffet B12 Clarinet Case

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