Pam Wedgwood workshop

Ackerman Music are hosting a workshop by Pam Wedgwood on Saturday 26th April at our Hove shop. This FREE workshop is open to all teachers, parents and pupils. There will be a complimentary package of resources and refreshments will also be available. Please come at about 1.30pm for a 2pm start, and will end at 4pm..

Pam Wedgwood demonstrates how you can transform your teaching methods to develop the rounded musician, ensure stylistic playing – and make the learning process fun! Delve into Pam’s new holistic tutor series, Piano Basics, and explore toe-tapping, irresistible repertoire from her extensive catalogue of publications.

The workshop presented by Pam Wedgwood will include the following content.

  • An in-depth look inside her new piano tutor “Piano Basics”
  • Tips on improving rhythmic concept
  • Pulse and Coordination
  • Stepping out of the box!
  • Simple improvisation
  • Duet and trio playing
  • Tips on improving your sight-reading and pitch
  • Teaching adults
  • The importance of singing
  • Making sense of scales!
  • Motivating your pupils
  • A chance for your pupils to play in a Pam Wedgwood master class
  • And lot’s MORE!!
  • Teachers, pupils, parents and friends are all invited; there will be something for everyone!
  • Teachers-Please encourage your pupils and parents to come along.
  • I look forward to listening to their performances.
  • Instrumental students will also be really welcome.

Please book  your place by phoning our Hove shop on 01273 702444 or email